Coaching for Postmodern Mystics

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Coaching for All Aspects of Your Life Journey

Spiritual coaching is a great way to support your ongoing spiritual journey.  The practice has its roots deep in all spiritual traditions and I have transformed older ideas of spiritual coaching (such as spiritual direction) to meet the challenges and realities of contemporary life. What used to be just a Christian experience now benefits Buddhists, people who are Spiritual but not Religious (SBNR), those who are agnostic, and anyone with a longing for greater connection to Ultimate Reality. If you feel a call to deepen, spiritual, mentoring is a great way to respond to that call.

For another perspective on the roots of spiritual mentoring, Spiritual Direction, you can also read about it on the website for Spiritual Directors International.

I meet with my mentoring clients by Skype. in person, or by telephone, usually for an hour at a time, once or twice a month. Sometimes we begin our session with a brief meditation, other times we dive right in.

Spiritual Coaching is found in every religious tradition and its importance is universally recognized. As a mentor, I listen, I watch, I mirror back what I am sensing. I use my training, my knowledge and experience, and my intuition to find where spirit is most brightly shining in you, and where it might want to emerge into greater fullness.

I am a guide and friend with whom to share the way. I try not to lead, though sometimes I can’t help but make suggestions. I believe that the path is ultimately yours to discover and yours to walk, but there’s no need to walk the path alone. If you feel it’s time to find a guide for your journey, I would be honored to serve you in a mentoring role.

What does Spiritual Coaching look like?Bodhisattva on Clouds

  • Spiritual Coaching is
    • discerning Spirit’s presence and action in your life
  • Relationships as spiritual practice
    • cultivating relationships with friends and family as a spiritual practice
  • Embodied non-dual Awakening
    • supporting you in your awakening process
  • Spiritual Life Assessment
    • a comprehensive review of your spiritual life
  • Guidance in prayer and meditation
    • deepening your prayer and meditation
  • Body prayer
    • embodied spirituality through mindful movement
  • Integral spirituality & Interspirituality
    • seeing all of life as prayer, finding Spirit in all aspects of self and life
  • Journaliing
    • self-reflection and exploration as a tool for growth
  • Shadow work
    • healing and reintegrating lost aspects of self
  • Integrating spiritual awareness into everyday life
    • creatively engaging with Life as spiritual practice

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