The Temple of the Beloved

The Temple of the Beloved: A Sacred Vessel for Healing & Awakening

You are invited to join this monthly exploration of the human path to fullness of being, a fullness that embraces all that we are, from our earthy humanness to our transcendent radiance. The Temple of the Beloved is a sacred vessel which celebrates both our essential oneness and the uniqueness of each embodiment. Trillium Awakening is an international spiritual community of individuals committed to helping others find their unique embodied awakening. In these gatherings, called Sittings, people come together for mutual support in their spiritual life journeys. Each “sitting” opens with silent meditation and intention-setting followed by the core of the experience – time for personal sharing by participants. During the sharing process, you are asked to hold each other in respectful silence. Sharing time is for each speaker’s personal exploration of their unfolding spiritual life. Listeners spend this time deeply listening to the speaker, while reflecting on their own journey. The experience is one of being with others in a profound way that goes beyond the experience of a typical support group. You will experience a sense of spiritual community that leaves you feeling deeply seen, supported and connected to others in your journey.

Want more information about this program?

This monthly program is sponsored by Trillium Awakening, an international organization that supports the evolution of consciousness in society. For more about Trillium Awakening please visit https://www.trilliumawakening.org/
For more on what to expect at this event, check out https://www.trilliumawakening.org/introduction-to-trillium-awakening-sittings/
For more information or to schedule a quick phone or Zoom call to learn more, please contact Bill Epperly (bill@integralawakenings.com).

Upcoming Dates

The Temple of the Beloved is on hiatus. Please contact me for details.