Sharing my grateful heart

Harvest of GratitudeMy fall began with a jolt when I learned that the Adler School, my employer since 2010, had reorganized and eliminated my position. After a couple days, I decided to take this opportunity to throw myself fully into launching the new business that I’ve been working on part-time for too many years now. The result is the creation of Integral Awakenings, through which I am offering spiritual direction, integral life coaching, workshops and other programs. I am so grateful this Thanksgiving for my new work and for so many good things in my life. And I include you in my gratitude list – whether I count you among my best friends or I’ve just “met you” virtually, I am ever so grateful for your interest in my work. As time flows on, I trust that our relationship will grow.

If turkey is the food that is on most everyone’s mind this week, then gratitude is the emotion of the week. So I’d like to invite you to take a moment and remember the last time you felt gratitude for someone or something. Have a memory in mind? Did you share the moment with a friend? Did you say a spontaneous word of thanks, an informal prayer? When we feel grateful, it’s often the case that the joy of the moment is not complete until it’s shared.  In that spirit, I would like to suggest that you to share what you’re grateful for with someone today. If you’re going to be at a formal Thanksgiving Dinner, that might be the perfect place for it. Sharing our gratefulness is a gift to those we’re with and a beautiful way to make it grow.

For those of you who might like to share online, I’ve set up the Integral Awakenings Facebook page as a place where you can share what you’re grateful for and read others’ sharings. I hope in this way, we can create a global Grateful Heart that will enrich and enliven Thanksgiving Day and flow on into the weekend. May our grateful hearts bless those we meet, those we break bread with, and even those we encounter while shopping and traveling.

2 Responses to “Sharing my grateful heart”

  1. Sarah November 27, 2013 at 11:28 am #

    Hi Bill,

    This is a note from your ever lovin’ Mom.

    I love this very tender expression of gratitude which brings me fully into my own deep sense of gratitude. Right now I am feeling my gratitude for Thanksgiving foods. I am thinking of the fact that I am asked to bring my “famous” creamed onions to the feast that Bob and I will be attending with son Tom, his family and friends. Creamed onions is a dish that my Mother made. I feel so very grateful for her life. I appreciate more than ever how difficult her own elder years were and am grateful for all of the contributions of medical science that allow me to live in glorious good health at 78 yrs of age.

    Thank you for this loving invitation to dip into and share my gratitude.


    Sarah Epperly, Bill’s Mom

    • Bill November 28, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

      Hi Mom, and thank you for invoking the smells and flavors and recipes of Thanksgiving! I always think of the bond we have around cooking on days like this. It’s a special part of our relationship for me.

      Thanks for invoking your famous creamed onions. We won’t be having them today, but I can almost smell them just from your mentioning them. What we WILL be having is your famous cranberry sauce! And I’m looking forward to the sound of the berries popping and the sight of them bubbling in the pot. Yum. I thought about making something different, the one with kumquats and quince, but really, what could be better than something that speaks of family and of our history of delicious meals together?

      Grateful to be your son, for all the years of cooking together,