Interviews and Talks

Integral Relationships

In this conversation with Martin Ucik, author of Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men, I share my spiritual autobiography then discuss topics from integral theory, to romantic relationships and relationship coaching (July 29, 2018; 71 min).

Martin and I had such a lively, engaging first conversation that we met again for a second, even more wide-ranging discussion of integral theory, relationships, and love (August 9, 2018; 79 min).

Illness as Teacher: The Koan of Illness

I was interviewed recently by Dr. Lynn Fuentes for her interview series, The Koan of Illness. It’s an ongoing series of fascinating conversations with people who offer integral and spiritual perspectives on illness (illness as teacher, illness as spiritual path, illness as challenge, etc). To view the interview, you have to register here. Registration gives you access to several interviews besides mine and there is no requirement to purchase anything whatsoever. I hope you’ll check it out!
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Talks at the Theosophical Society

In this talk, I outline the path to awakening through an integral lens. I use my version of Ken Wilber’s four step spiritual path, which he breaks down into: growing up, waking up, cleaning up, & showing up to describe the path. The Integral Path to Enlightenment: Evolutionary Spirituality, presented at the Theosophical Society, Wheaton, Illinois. (May 5, 2016; 76 min)

I began practicing Centering Prayer almost 30 years ago. During that time, I have been blessed to spend quality time on retreat and in conversation with Fr. Thomas Keating, Fr. Basil Pennington, and Fr. William Meninger, the three Trappist monks who developed this contemplative prayer form. In this talk, I give a brief introduction to the essentials of Centering Prayer in a broad context relevant to people of any spiritual orientation. Centering Prayer: A Path to Divine Union (January 20, 2017; 62 min)


In this talk, I present an integral perspective on mindfulness meditation as  a path to awakening. (December 7, 2017; 65 min)


Podcasts on The Graveyard Cowboy at Midnight

I sat down with Clint Sabom, host of the popular podcast series, The Graveyard Cowboy at Midnight, and the result was an engaging discussion of spiritual practices, especially meditation, (part one) and integral spirituality (part two).


In part two of my conversation with Clint Sabom, we discuss integral spirituality and its relevance to spiritual life and awakening.


On “Inner Quest” with Jay Stone

Here’s my interview with Jay Stone on his program, Inner Quest. In it, I discuss my spiritual path, from early beginnings to embodied awakening.


On the “Adulthood to Soulhood” podcast

Here’s my recent talk with my spiritual mentor friend, Irma Francis. We had a wide-ranging discussion of spirituality, seeking, and spiritual realization.


Part two of my talk with Irma Francis, in which I discuss my work with Trillium Awakening, a gentle, relationship-centered path to an embodied non-dual awakening.


The Monk and the CEO: A Father/Son Dialogue
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In The Monk and the CEO: A Father-Son Dialogue on Life, Love, and Work I explore some of the dynamics of a father-son relationship with my father, Bob Epperly, former CEO of Fuel Tech. Together, we discuss life from the the “consciousness-first” perspective of the monk, and the systems perspective of the CEO. We consider the gifts and limitations of each perspective and wrestle with the overwhelming nature of today’s challenges. We discuss our relationship, the high points and low points, and our unfolding towards a mature father-son relationship.

The Monk and the CEO: archive of recorded programs.

Life-Work Balance in an Out of Balance World, February 27, 2014 (61 min)
The Art of Spiritual Direction, January 23, 2014 (55 min)
Healing the self, healing the system, December 16, 2013 (60 min)
Turning points and highlights of our relational journey, November 18, 2013  (35 min)
Our stories, our perspectives, October 21, 2013 (73 min)