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  • marina-khrapova-nE4CsEL9Z_s-unsplash blog image

    The End of Christmas

    The end of Christmas as I knew it started with a family meeting, 30-something years ago. Let’s say in 1986. My Mom called a meeting to discuss Christmas. That was all I knew. This was odd. A family meeting? I was on edge. At a family meeting many years before, my folks had announced that […]

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  • Mindful Centering: A New Approach to Contemplative Prayer

    (I am a long-time member of Contemplative Outreach and a former member of the Chicago chapter’s volunteer “circle of service.”  Here, I discuss the origins of a new form of meditation I’m calling “Mindful Centering.” If you’re interested, I will be teaching Mindful Centering for the first time, starting this Tuesday, January 16.  For more […]

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  • Extend lovingkindness to all beings

    Extending Care to All through Lovingkindess

    Please join me in extending care and a felt current of blessing to all beings through the powerful practice of lovingkindness meditation. This guided meditation is one of my most popular meditations on Insight Timer and I am always delighted by how people respond to it when I share it with them at workshops and […]

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  • Self Care in a time of turmoil

    Being a Feeling, Thinking Person in a Time of Turmoil

    This is a difficult time to be a human being. It seems that many of our basic assumptions about life are up for re-evaluation. Is our government to be trusted? Are the police to be trusted? Are my neighbors and fellow citizens sane? What about those distant (or not so distant) family members that voted […]

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  • Contemplation

    Prayer: a Distraction from the Intimate Embrace?

    I’ve given several talks on prayer and meditation this year. And as I prepared for a recent talk I felt that I wanted to add a preface to my remarks. I have been practicing Centering Prayer on and off since the late 1990’s. It is a dear practice to me, but over the years my […]

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  • Coaching

    Mindfulness Saved My Life

    Mindfulness Saved My Life (Again) It’s a few minutes before 10pm and all the parking spaces in front of my condo are taken. I drive around the block and park two blocks away. Getting out of the car, I dissolve into the quiet evening air. I smile at the stars above and begin walking home. […]

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