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  • sam-goodgame-VkbjpDtquzI-unsplash

    Preparation as Spiritual Practice

        Clearing Do not try to save the whole world or do anything grandiose. Instead, create a clearing in the dense forest of your life and wait there patiently, until the song that is your life falls into your own cupped hands and you recognize and greet it. Only then will you know how […]

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  • jon-eric-marababol-es6X3mclQKk-unsplash

    Looking Out, Going Within

    I’ve noticed myself looking out the window this last month with a particular quality of attention. I will walk to the sunroom window, stand next to the banana tree, and just look out at the outside world. I’m just taking it all in, looking wistfully at the parked cars, the blooming daffodils, the greening grass […]

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  • marina-khrapova-nE4CsEL9Z_s-unsplash blog image

    The End of Christmas

    The end of Christmas as I knew it started with a family meeting, 30-something years ago. Let’s say in 1986. My Mom called a meeting to discuss Christmas. That was all I knew. This was odd. A family meeting? I was on edge. At a family meeting many years before, my folks had announced that […]

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  • Mindful Centering: A New Approach to Contemplative Prayer

    (I am a long-time member of Contemplative Outreach and a former member of the Chicago chapter’s volunteer “circle of service.”  Here, I discuss the origins of a new form of meditation I’m calling “Mindful Centering.” If you’re interested, I will be teaching Mindful Centering for the first time, starting this Tuesday, January 16.  For more […]

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  • Extend lovingkindness to all beings

    Extending Care to All through Lovingkindess

    Please join me in extending care and a felt current of blessing to all beings through the powerful practice of lovingkindness meditation. This guided meditation is one of my most popular meditations on Insight Timer and I am always delighted by how people respond to it when I share it with them at workshops and […]

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  • Self Care in a time of turmoil

    Being a Feeling, Thinking Person in a Time of Turmoil

    This is a difficult time to be a human being. It seems that many of our basic assumptions about life are up for re-evaluation. Is our government to be trusted? Are the police to be trusted? Are my neighbors and fellow citizens sane? What about those distant (or not so distant) family members that voted […]

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