Mindfulness for Optimal Wellness

Kamakura Buddha_springMindfulness meditation is a powerful, proven way to release stress and rediscover the joy of life in the moment. It is for anyone who is feeling the stress of a hectic life, ruled by pressures, deadlines, and endless tasks. If you’re wanting to manage your stress and learn how to consistently be in “the now moment,” then I think you will find these practices extremely valuable. Experience tells me that these practices change peoples’ lives. If you’re longing to reconnect to the joy and contentedness that your busy life has pushed aside, I invite you to make a commitment to wellness. You can work with the resources I provide here or contact me to help you develop your own personalized plan for stress management.

It’s important to understand the nature of your unique stress-points and how to work with each one. Most people also find that practicing meditation helps to relax the body and mind in surprisingly deep ways. I also encourage individuals to create a personalized stress management plan.

I advocate an integral approach to stress reduction, which includes a powerful integral Stress Mapping Process that helps you identify your unique stress points and suggest ways to work with each of them. When I work with people, I help them to investigate these hiding places for stress and learn how to turn each into a place for practicing mindful living:

1. The mind and its thoughts and beliefs.
2. The task lists and things we do in life.
3. Relationships: from workplace to friends and family
4. Workplace stress

By addressing stress management from all four perspectives, you will find that less effort creates more lasting benefits. And since your workload is probably already at 100%, I want to give you a program that will give you maximal results for your efforts.

To address this quadruple stress challenge, I’ve designed a comprehensive program which will teach you to:

1. Calm your mind and address any unhelpful core beliefs
2. Complete your tasks in the moment and without feeding the stress cycle
3. Identify your unique stress points
4.. Create a supportive environment for yourself at home and work
5. Create a personalize Stress Management Plan

I am excited to be offering this program. I am quite sure that this will be a major event for you in your battle to reclaim your life-work balance, sanity, and contentedness. Oh, and it’s going to be a lot of fun too!

Questions? Please contact me.

When you work with me on stress management you’ll learn:

  • The neurobiology of stress and how mindfulness practice breaks the stress cycle
  • Powerful meditations that release stress and restore peace and centeredness
  • Mindfulness practices that integrate peacefulness into everyday life
  • Mindful relating practices that make every interaction an opportunity to practice

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