Spiritual Life Coaching

Coaching Accelerates Your Growth and Awakening


See the path unfolding before you

What stands between you and your dreams? Coaching can help you move through hidden blocks.

In my coaching work, I listen a lot. I listen with my ears, my heart, my mind, my gut. I want to learn who you are and what your dreams are. Your motivations and intentions are keys, so we will talk about the “why” behind your goals.  I listen, I watch, I mirror back what I am seeing. I aspire to be a guide who can point out the way for you, but also a wizard who can help you to unlock your potential. I urge you to go deeper, digging into forgotten depths. I believe that the path is ultimately yours to discover and yours to walk, but there’s no need to do all the work alone. I can help you get perspective on your challenges and work with you to navigate your way through them.

Popular Coaching Packages

The Mystic’s Way

Are you longing to take a deeper dive into your spiritual life? Has the joy of spiritual discovery and experience gone missing from your life? This eight-week exploration of integral spirituality will take your awareness of Spirit in everyday life to a new level. You’ll feel energized, renewed, and inspired as you explore new practices that awaken the mystic within, the one you truly are. Ask today about this popular program, available in person or via phone or Zoom. 12 weeks.


Open yourself anew to the transcendent realms

Illness as Spiritual Path

Illness can be a huge challenge, causing us to deeply question everything about life. A ruthless teacher, illness invites us to dig deep for answers. Though we can feel that all our hopes die with our illness, there is a way forward to a new life. If your life has been touched by chronic illness or a life-changing diagnosis, I invite you to discover how you can experience your illness as a teacher and your walk with illness as your spiritual path. Ask today for more on this eight-week program. 12 weeks.

Relationship as Spiritual Path

Are you tired of your solo quest to enlightenment? Are you finding joy in your meditation, but only challenges in relationships with friends and family? Have your more intimate relationships become difficult and awkward? Do you long for easy intimacy with friends and family? Ram Dass famously said that those who think they are enlightened should go spend time with their families. If you long for closer, more intimate relationships with those around you, I invite you to this eight-week program in relational spirituality. You’ll learn new communication tools and find support to make the bold, wise changes that will heal and deepen your relationships. Inquire today for details or to get started. 12 weeks.

Integral Life Practice

Are you looking for something more than meditation and prayer? Are you tired of spiritual practices that don’t seem relevant to the rest of your life? Are you seeking a direct path to awakening that engages all that you are – mind, emotions, body, and spirit? Integral Life Practice is an approach to spiritual practice that looks at every moment of life, wherever you may be, as an opportunity for practice. You’ll learn practices for the four big areas of life: self, body, relationships and systems (family, work, society). You’ll discover how every moment can be a portal to deep spiritual awareness and presence. You’ll explore how best to align your passions and life purpose with your life in the world. Contact me for more on this eight-week program. 12 weeks.

Awaken to Spirit everywhere

Exploratory Coaching

Not sure where to begin? Choose a less-structured program and start where you are, with the issues that are in your face, holding your back. Contact me for a complimentary initial consultation. Popular themes for Exploratory Coaching include:
-Personal growth
-On the job performance
-Intimacy and relationships
-Life as a spiritual practice
-Mindfulness for well-being
-Stress management
-Alignment with higher goals, purpose, and meaning
-Fun as Spiritual Practice

Single Session and Multi Session Packages available. Inquire.