Awakening Coaching

Stone cairn and mountain

For Your Life’s Spiritual Journey

Awakening oriented coaching is a great way to support your ongoing spiritual journey.  The practice has its roots deep in all spiritual traditions, in the realization that an experienced guide is a must when your journey takes you into the spiritual wilderness. If you feel a call to deepen, I encourage you to consider working with me as a spiritual coach.

Spiritual or awakening oriented coaching is found in every religious tradition and its importance is universally recognized. I listen, I watch, I mirror back what I am sensing. I use my training, my knowledge and experience, and my intuition to find where spirit is most brightly shining in you, and where it might want to emerge into greater fullness. I hold you as always already fully awake and help you to sense the awakening impulse within, as it shows up in you, moment to moment.

I am a guide and friend with whom to share the way. I do not lead your process, though sometimes I may make suggestions. I believe that the path is ultimately yours to discover and yours to walk, but you need not walk the path alone. If you feel it’s time to find a guide for your journey, I hope you’ll contact me today.

What does it look like?

  • Spiritual Coaching is discerning Spirit’s presence and action in your life
  • Cultivating relationships with friends and family as a spiritual practice
  • Supporting you in your ongoing process of healing and awakening
  • Spiritual Life Assessment: conducting a comprehensive assessment of your spiritual life
  • Deepening your experience of Spirit through prayer, meditation, and other practices
  • Experiencing embodied spirituality through mindful movement
  • Experiencing all of life as spiritual practice; finding Spirit in all aspects of self and life
  • Journaling and self-reflection and exploration as tools for growth
  • Shadow work to heal and reintegrate lost aspects of self
  • Integrating spiritual awareness into everyday life
  • Creatively engaging with Life as spiritual practice

I meet with clients in person, when possible, or by videoconference or telephone.

Contact me today for an Initial Consultation or to Book a Session.